Our goals

  • General awareness-raising of the importance of the physical and mental health prevention of women in crisis
  • Supporting women who are living alone or raising children on their own and are in a crisis situation by providing information to them
  • The formation of self-organising communities, which also help each other; and providing assembly venues for them
  • The introduction of the roles of women within and outside of the family, emphasizing women’s versatility, making their tasks acknowledged by society and supporting the creation of women’s opportunities 
  • The protection of the regulations of the democratic rule of law
  • Fight against corruption
  • Raising awareness of the phenomenon of domestic violence
  • The improvement of the public opinion about Romani women
  • Promoting women’s equality
  • The examination of the connections between gender theories and social relationships
  • Promoting public education reforms in favour of the protection of the rights of women and families
  • Supporting women with young children in returning to the labour market and the representation of their interests in connection with this
  • Providing information for women concerning women, regardless of generations 
  • The formation of relationships with European institutions, women initiations, and women self-organising communities, which have similar aims to our association’s goals; joining them and cooperating with them