About our association:

The Everyday Life with Women’s Eyes Association was founded with the aim of addressing all women regardless of their age and interests. They encourage everybody to dare to be who they want to be. They proclaim that a woman can add the most to the building of the society if she has the opportunity to evolve in the activity that she feels comfortable in – whether this involves raising children or not.

The objectives of the association involve the presentation and recognition of women’s roles within the family and outside of the family; helping women with small children to return to the labour market and representing their interests; furthermore, awareness-raising of the importance of physical and mental health promotion for women and families.

Every year their programmes and activities are organised and carried out in order to support these aims and objectives. Besides the operation of Family and Career Points, they organise psychology-themed club events, which support women; awareness-raising campaigns and playful activities on prominent days, such as Women’s Day; online content and offline publications, which address and support women.

About the Women’s Eyes blog:

Who is THE Woman? Don’t you know her? Oh, nobody really knows the Woman, since sometimes she is like this, sometimes like that…

She can amazingly change her shape: at times she is a little girl seeking for security, sometimes a bashful bimbo, a naughty girlfriend, or a decent lady; but she might be an amazon warrior, an honourable top-of-the-class student, or a knackered colleague, a resolute manager, a kind culinary wonder or the guardian of the flame of the community. However, at other times she is an iron lady or a fragile blossom; a mesmerizing demon, an embracing sweetheart, a passionate and (sometimes) cheating lover or a loving, faithful spouse. And again, sometimes a mother humming to her new-born baby, a dishevelled or neat mother chasing one-two-many children, or a grandmother worried about her grandchild. She might also be the one who says the last prayer holding your hand by your deathbed.

The million faces of a woman conceal million sights, but one thing is for certain: in Creation we have a self-contained mission, whose fulfilment could not be completed without the similarly million-sided Man. The world would be a disappointingly grey and boring place without these two, absolutely different, but always complementary poles. Woman and Man – Man and Woman: the eternal duality which has been ordered to humans and which keeps life in motion.

The mission of the Women’s Eyes Blog team is – knowing all these – to observe the world with an open mind, withstanding the bizarre attempt of today’s world to mix up genders, and the blows of alien notions which ignore women’s dignity; to analyse it, to ask questions and seek for answers, moreover, to lay claim to the shaping of the life of our narrower and wider environment. How else? With women’s eyes, and always in an open-minded way!

Come, join us!